Qurbani / Udhiyyah Online

At Anis Associates, we provide Muslims living in Western world to make sacrifices and deliver meat ONLINE through our logistic partners which have large and strong network not only in almost all major countries around the world but also almost all cities of Pakistan.

Certified by respectable Muftis, institutions and scholars, we provide services for:

  • Eid al-Adha ( Eid – e – Qurban)

  • Eid al-Fitr

  • Aqiqa

  • Charity

  • Sadqa

We gaurentee healthy live stock at lowest cost.

Revised Low Prices

Our new revised rates are as follows:

  • Healthy & Young Camel: 850 USD
  • Healthy Cow Bull: 750 USD
  • Standard Cow Bull: 600 USD
  • Desi Goat (Healthy Pakistani Goat): 300 USD
  • Chhttra/Lamb/Sheep: 250 USD

Approximately Weight:

  • Camel 150 kg neat
  • Cow Bull 120 kg neat
  • Goat 16 kg neat
  • Lamb 16 to 20 kg neat
  • Sheep with tail (Dumba) 14 to 20 kg neat


  • We offer our premium quality Qurbani Services for Male Animals Only.
  • Your order will be deliver to your desired destination.
  • A confirmation Call / email will be made after order is dispatched.
  • Delivery time varies according to delivery destinations.
  • Feel free to contact us #0092-423-5393510/13

Company Account Address for Amount Deposit 

Anis Associates (Pvt) Ltd.

A/C#: PK48HABB 0017697900526203

Habib Bank Ltd, Doctors Hospital Branch, Lahore, Pakistan

Note: Please send a scanned copy of your deposited receipt to the following  email Addresses for further confirmation of your order.

E-mail: ceo@saifi-group.com